Hiding in Timefrost Cove
Rebuilding the Caravan

Altheus’ followers feel defeated and most have deserted the caravan hoping to return to the lives they led before. Despite the Crux Alliance’s looming threat, a few remain hoping to rebuild and find Isme. The Leech Tribe and The Rose Chip tribe have your favor, but little to offer other than basic resources.
Using the Starslinger’s globe, Altheus and his followers travel to the coast and find a secluded beach protected by steep sea cliffs. Inside the far shore are coves filled with ancient machinery. The atmosphere is magical. Here the ocean is still, somehow frozen in time.

Session 4: Survivor at the Starblasted Heath
Lizra found!

Lizra was found at the bottom of a crater, pinned underneath her giant pangoline. Mig Dreymer the Pythian and Birch interrogated her and found that the Crux Alliance Army was camped nearby. The Crux’s mission is to find all spirit worship tribes, and give them a choice: renounce their beliefs regarding spirits and join the Alliance, or die. They also learned that Lizra was paid by Rhain Dreymer to find Mig and rescue her from the conflict by kidnapping her and holding her at the Alliance’s encampment. In fact, Rhain was now waiting there for word from Lizra.

Would Mig persuade Rhain to let her be? Rather than risk a direct confrontation, she got Lizra to arrange a meeting between Birch and Rhain in a nearby forest. It was a dark night. Mig and Lizra, who had her hands bound watched in secret from behind a row of trees.

Birch made a persuasive argument. Mig could not be returned to the Alliance because she had killed one of their men outside the balnearium ruins. Rhain agreed to try and keep the Crux off their scent, but would not stop his own search.

Meanwhile, quiet Lizra, catching Mig distracted by the men, had zipped up a tree after cutting her ropes with a little knife she had hidden up her sleeve. It only took Mig a moment to realize what had happened. Lizra was gone and had to be found. If Lizra got back to the Crux knowing what she knows the entire caravan might be massacred. She ran to the men desperate for help.

Rhain reached for his property. Birch attempted to stop him, but the darkness and chaos of it all caused him to loose his footing and stumble to the ground.

Rhain had Mig and was pulling her away through the woods. She couldn’t overpower him. But she would rather die than return.

She screamed tearfully “If you don’t let me go I’ll kill myself and your unborn child!”

For three surprised heartbeats, his hand relaxed it’s grip, just enough for Mig to squirm loose.

She ran for Birch’s pangolin.

Session 3: Slaughter at the Starblasted Heath

Will Volotok the Minstrel and Hanni of the Rose Chip Tribe get married? No.
Volotok let young Hanni down gently, because his heart belongs to the long lost Svetlana.

The entire caravan witnessed a miraculous vision of a comet crashing into them. Rauni Linna saw the omen for what it was. Hanni’s tribe was under attack by an unknown army on a starblasted heath.

The caravan gets lost on their way to help the Rose Chip Tribe. They passed a forest where magic was heavy in the atmosphere. A pained wail could be heard. The group followed the moans and found a half woman, half bird in labor. Rauni successfully delivered the creature’s egg, but failed to keep the creature from bleeding to death.

Afterward, they come upon the Rose Chip Tribe, massacred. It appears that the Crux Caravan Alliance has formed an army of bandits who are out for blood.

Session 2: The Magpie's Balnearium

Outside the crumbling ruins two bandits rushed Agnes Linna. She managed to make a fast cry for help before a punch to the gut knocked the wind out of her. Keeled, red faced and moaning, she was brutally thrown over the back of a giant pangolin.

Rade and Mig drew hunting bows while Birch, spear in hand, attempted to run the bandits down on foot. Nimble Mig shot the short, stocky bandit in the neck. He fell bleeding. She hit the other bandit, a grim woman named Lizra, in the arm. It was quite a shock for Lizra, who mounted her beast and with a pained shove, unloaded Agnes. The pangolin barked and bolted as Lizra jabbed its side with the pointy heel of her boot.

Birch interrogated the first bandit as he lay dying. The bandits, as it turns out, had taken the wrong woman. Mig was their intended target. Her husband, Rhain hired them to return her to the Crux Alliance Caravansary. Birch surmised the thugs worked for his old boss, Nester, the head council member for the Crux Alliance Caravansary.

Rade helped Agnes back to her caravan, leaving Mig and Birch to argue over the fate of the grim bandit.

Mig had never learned horsemanship, and had no chance of tracking the grim bandit on foot. Even so, she was determined to go after her with help from Birch, a fledgling rider. Birch would hear nothing of it. Lizra would live to fight another day.

Session 1: The Magpie's Balnearium
The Rain

Unending rains disheartened the caravan. Altheus and Volotok circled the wagons against a tide of disquiet.

Sigrid nearly died from fever but for her father, who found a curative herb called Pheasant’s Flower in the wilderlands.

The caravan continued under Altheus’ direction. A delicate wax rubbing he had made from an ancient engraving was his guide. The way, however, was blocked by an enormous aqueduct, roiling with flood-water.

They followed this to the crumbling ruins of a grand public bath. Carvings of magpies decorated the walls. Altheus deduced from his research that this ancient balnearium housed an enchanted reflecting pool. It is said that those who look into the reflection see that which they truly desire.

Curious they were of an enormous sculpture of a magpie weeping down a well. The jets of water coming from its eyes fell upon a treacherous bridge of glass. The slippery bridge crossed a fast moving underground river. Those who fell in would surely drown. On the other side a beautiful young girl, Hanni of the Rose Chip Tribe, cried for help.

The Spirit of the Baths keeps her trapped. The baths were once a wonder of the old world and patronized by similarly beautiful men and women. So, while her tribe camped nearby, he appeared to her one night as a strapping young noble. He lured her across the glass bridge and to keep her there he brought forth a deluge to flood the baths, making the bridge impassible.

Volotok and Kaustaa built a cover for the well out of wood gathered from the caravan. They hoped that stopping the water would make crossing the bridge possible.

Then the Spirit of the Baths appeared to the group, threatening their destruction.

Altheus battled the spirit in a duel of wits and was narrowly defeated by the snake tongued being. His final argument was so crushing, it left the spirit dumbstruck. Volotok, knowing a distracted spirit when he sees one, led Hanni quickly to the safe side of the bridge. The spirit, enraged, smashed the bridge, barring the path to the enchanted reflecting pool. The baths began to fall apart, as the group escapes.

The rain, however, has let up.

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