Session 3: Slaughter at the Starblasted Heath

Will Volotok the Minstrel and Hanni of the Rose Chip Tribe get married? No.
Volotok let young Hanni down gently, because his heart belongs to the long lost Svetlana.

The entire caravan witnessed a miraculous vision of a comet crashing into them. Rauni Linna saw the omen for what it was. Hanni’s tribe was under attack by an unknown army on a starblasted heath.

The caravan gets lost on their way to help the Rose Chip Tribe. They passed a forest where magic was heavy in the atmosphere. A pained wail could be heard. The group followed the moans and found a half woman, half bird in labor. Rauni successfully delivered the creature’s egg, but failed to keep the creature from bleeding to death.

Afterward, they come upon the Rose Chip Tribe, massacred. It appears that the Crux Caravan Alliance has formed an army of bandits who are out for blood.


Kirkenheimer Kirkenheimer

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